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 GRUNGE!? whats was that???? did u ever heard this word??? yeah...its a part of one side of Rock i put down little knowledge about grunge...because this kind of music is one of my early influence music and favourite stuff.....
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Seluar Lusuh2-basic history of grunge music scene(english version)

The grunge movement was the introduction of an independent-rooted music genre and eventually more commercially successful offshoot of hardcore punk , thrash metal and alternative rock in the late 1980s and early 1990s . Bands from the cities in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, such as Seattle , Olympia, Washington , and Portland,Oregon , made the grunge music genre popular with mainstream audiences.This kind of music is closely associated with Generation X .
As a style of music, it is generally characterised by "dirty" guitar , strong riffs,heavy drumming and angstful (if not out and out dark) lyrics. Grunge is also popularly referred to as the SeattleSound. Independent labels were key catalysts in bringing this style of music to the public initially. Many of the moresuccessful bands of the era were associated with Seattle's Sub Pop record label,though several other independent Seattle labels gained recognition, including Kill Rock Stars and K Records . David Geffen is also said to have played a major role in marketing grunge to a mainstream audience.
Besides its punk roots, the grunge movement had strong roots in the Northwest musical culture and the local youth culture. The sonic resemblance to such 1960s Northwestbands as the Wailers and, most particularly, the Sonics is unmistakable, and grunge clothing was a blend of a punk aesthetic with the typical outdoorsy clothing (e.g. flannel shirts) of the region. Thisfashion, along with other aspects of the local culture, would end up being given (in the opinions of Seattle grunge fans)excessive importance by the media. An interesting case of this backfiring on the media was the grunge speak hoax, which caused TheNew York Times to print a fake list of slang terms that supposedly were used in the grunge scene. This was later provento be a prank by Sub Pop's Megan Jasper. The excesses of this media hype would also be documented in the 1996 documentary Hype! .
The emergence of "grunge" as a genre and its embrace by the mainstream is usually thought of as a reaction against the populardominance of hair metal . Hair metal bands, such as W.A.S.P. , Poison and Guns n' Roses had been dominating the charts, especially in the US, for severalyears in spite of declining critical viability. Grunge music can be sharply constrasted to hair metal's macho lyrics, anthemicriffs, and a perceived lack of social consciousness, especially in the race to attract mainstream audiences. However, this beganto have the opposite effect on audiences towards the end of the 1980s, and the popularity of hair metal began to die off as thepopularity of grunge began to rise.
Grunge was embraced by the youth for its simple defiance of the then-cultural norm, which was seen by many as acorporate-dominated and superficial popular culture. In the rock world, expensive, designer clothing was shunned in favor offlannel, jeans, and Doc Marten or Converse boots. (Especially in England, youth dressed in this fashion are sometimes called grungers ). Traditional rock and roll ostentatiousness became offensive, at least for the timebeing.
The mainstays of this rock genre were primarily Seattle-based bands, such as Nirvana , Pearl Jam , Alice in Chains , and Soundgarden , though some bandsfrom other regions, such as Stone Temple Pilots (from SanDiego) were also popular. Nirvana is generally credited for breaking the genre into the popular consciousness in 1991 (see 1991 in music ). The success ofNirvana's " Smells Like Teen Spirit " (off Nevermind ) surprised the entire music industry. The album was a #1 hit around muchof the world, and paved the way for more bands, including, most popularly, PearlJam . Pearl Jam, in fact, had released their debut album Ten a month earlier in August 1991 , but album sales only picked up after the success of Nirvana. For many audiences then andlater, grunge came to be almost totally associated with these two bands and their punky, rebellious attitude towards mainstreammores as well as cultural and social institutions.
Neil young- the godfather of grunge even he denied that his music it`s not grunge...

cover albums from 4 big grunge influences band as known Seattlesound
It has been widely debated as to who deserves the title "Godfather of Grunge". Mark Arm of Mudhoney , Kurt Cobain of Nirvana , Jack Endino of Skin Yard, Andrew Wood ofMalfunkshun/ Mother Love Bone , Buzz Osborne of The Melvins , and even Neil Young (who himself is not a grunge musician, but is considered an inspiration for the genre) have all been credited at one time oranother. (see external link below for more details on the debate on who really is the "Godfather of Grunge".)
The popularity of grunge music was short-lived, however. It is believed by many that grunge music effectively began itsdecline when Kurt Cobain of Nirvana committed suicide in April of 1994. Interestingly, Cobain had often been photographed wearingt-shirts stating that "Grunge is Dead".
The general consensus of fans and music historians is that the genre was entirely too opposed to mainstream stardom toactually achieve long-lasting popularity. Many grunge bands refused to cooperate with the record labels in making radio-friendlyhooks, and the labels found new bands that were willing to do so, albeit with a watered-down sound that did not sit well with thegenre's long-time fans. However, a decline in music sales in general in 1996 may also have influenced labels to look fordifferent genres to promote rather than genres such as grunge which had been popular up to that point.
For many fans of the genre, it wasn't until the dissolution of grunge pioneer band Soundgarden in 1997 that they finally conceded grunge's time in the mainstream was over. However, it did lastin the mainstream for a few years afterwards, though with less popularity. Many grunge bands have continued recording and touringwith more limited success, including, most significantly, Pearl Jam .

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some rumours said that `grunge` words is given when jimi played his guitar with bottle that make a sound like "grungeee"! is ist????

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