Apakah itu FiFa FAIR PLAY?

Kalau anda tahu tentang bola sepak lihat video ini.....

Bagaimana? Salahkah perbuatan itu? Tidak, ia tidak melanggar peraturan Fifa! Namun ianya tidak menepati kod amalan Fifa Fairplay...! Apa tu Fifa FairPlay?

>>Fifa Fair Play<<

Terdapat 10 kod Fifa FairPlay...

1. Play fair  
Winning is without value if victory has been achieved unfairly or dishonestly. Cheating is easy, but 
brings no pleasure. Playing fair requires courage and character. It is also more satisfying. Fair play 
always has its reward, even when the game is lost. Playing fair earns respect, while cheating only 
brings shame. Remember: it is only a game. And games are pointless unless played fairly. 

2. Play to win but accept defeat with dignity  
Winning is the object of playing any game. Never set out to lose. If you do not play to win, you are 
cheating your opponents, deceiving those who are watching, and also fooling yourself. Never give 
up against stronger opponents but never relent against weaker ones. It is an insult to any opponent 
to play at less than full strength. Play to win, until the final whistle. But remember nobody wins all 
the time. You win some, you lose some. Learn to lose graciously. Do not seek excuses for defeat. 
Genuine reasons will always be self-evident. Congratulate the winners with good grace. Do not 
blame the referee or anyone else. Be determined to do better next time. Good losers earn more 
respect than bad winners. 

3. Observe the Laws of the Game  

All games need rules to guide them. Without rules, there would be chaos. The rules of football are 
simple and easy to learn. Make sure you learn them; it will help you to understand the game better. 
Understanding the game better will make you a better player. It is equally important to understand 
the spirit of the rules. They are designed to make the game fun to play and fun to watch. By 
sticking to the rules, the game will be more enjoyable.

4. Respect opponents, team-mates, referees, officials and spectators  
Fair Play means respect. Respect is part of our game. Without opponents there can be no game.

Everyone has the same rights, including the right to be respected. Team-mates are colleagues. 
Form a team in which all members are equal. Referees are there to maintain discipline and Fair 
Play. Always accept their decisions without arguing, and help them to enable all participants to have 
a more enjoyable game. Officials are also part of the game and must be respected accordingly. 
Spectators give the game atmosphere. They want to see the game played fairly, but must also 
behave fairly and with respect themselves.

5. Promote the interests of football  
Football is the world's greatest game. But it always needs everybody's help to maintain its 
greatness. Think of football's interests before your own. Think how your actions may affect the 
image of the game. Talk about the positive things in the game. Encourage other people to watch 
and play fairly. Help others to have as much fun from football as you do. Be an ambassador for the 

6. Honour those who defend football's good reputation  
The good name of football has survived because the vast majority of people who love the game are 
honest and fair. Sometimes somebody does something exceptional that deserves our special 
recognition. They should be honoured and their fine example publicised. This encourages others to 
act in the same way. Help to promote football's image by publicising its good deeds. 

7. Reject corruption, drugs, racism, violence, gambling and other dangers to our sport  
Football's huge popularity sometimes makes it vulnerable to negative outside interests. Watch out 
for attempts to tempt you into cheating or using drugs. Drugs have no place in football, in any other 
sport or in society as a whole. Say no to drugs. Help to kick racism and bigotry out of football. Treat 
all players and everyone else equally, regardless of their religion, race, sex or national origin. Show 
zero tolerance for gambling on games in which you participate. It negatively affects your ability to 
perform and creates the appearance of a conflict of interests. Show that football does not want 
violence, even from your own fans. Football is sport, and sport is peace. 

8. Help others to resist corrupting pressures  
You may hear that team-mates or other people you know are being tempted to cheat in some way 
or otherwise engage in behaviour deemed unacceptable. They need your help. Do not hesitate to 
stand by them. Give them the strength to resist. Remind them of their commitment to their teammates and to the game itself. Form a block of solidarity, like a solid defence on the field of play. 

9. Denounce those who attempt to discredit our sport  
Do not be ashamed to stand up to anybody who you are sure is trying to make others cheat or 
engage in other unacceptable behaviour. It is better to expose them and have them removed before 
they can do any damage. It is equally dishonest to go along with a dishonest act. Do not just say 
no. Denounce those misguided persons who are trying to spoil our sport before they can persuade 
somebody else to say yes. 

10. Use football to make a better world  
Football has an incredible power, which can be used to make this world a better place in which 
everyone can live. Use this powerful platform to promote peace, equality, health and education for 
everyone. Make the game better, take it to the world, and you will be fostering a better world.

p/s:ia tidak menjadi satu kesalahan bila tidak mengikuti kod-kod tersebut tetapi anda akan kehilangan maruah dan kehormatan kerana tidak bermain dengan adil..!!!

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